The Top Surfskate Brands You Should Know

by | Dec 23, 2020 | Choosing Your Surfskate, Surfskate Brands

Trying to decide which surfskate to buy? Start by knowing these top surfskate brands.

I came from a longboarding background. Then I discovered surfskating videos and was immediately sucked in.

I knew I wanted a surfskate. But I didn’t know which surfskate was right for me. There were so many options available and so little good information about any of them.

Furthermore, as everyone knows, reading an online review or even watching a video is one thing. But actually riding a board and feeling it for yourself is another.

So I spent months researching online every surfskate brand and model I could find. I finally decided on the Carver Tyler 777 36.5″.

I fell in love with surfskating and I’ve never touched a longboard since–they’re just no fun for me anymore after discovering surfskating.

Since then, I’ve purchased and tested lots of surfskates from all over the world. In fact, to date I’ve invested over $16,000 on the following surfskates:

  1. Carver Tyler 777 36.5″ with CX trucks
  2. Carver Tyler Riddler 35.5″ (discontinued) with C7 trucks
  3. Carver Kai Lenny Dragon 34″ with CX trucks
  4. Carver Greenroom 33.75″ with C7 trucks
  5. Carver Proteus 33″ with CX trucks
  6. Carver Black Tip 32.5″ with CX trucks
  7. Carver Blue Haze 31″ with CX trucks
  8. Carver 32.25″ Scape with C5 trucks
  9. Carver 32″ Sun Ray with C5 trucks
  10. Carver Lost Rad Ripper 31″ with CX trucks
  11. Carver Super Surfer 32″ with CX trucks
  12. Carver Hobo 32.5″ with CX trucks
  13. Carver Triton Prismal 32″ with CX trucks
  14. Loaded Carver Bolsa with CX trucks 31″
  15. YOW Malibu 36″
  16. YOW Pukas Dark 34.5″
  17. YOW Padang Padang 34″
  18. YOW Teahupoo 34″
  19. Smoothstar Filipe Toledo 34″
  20. Smoothstar Manta Ray 35.5″
  21. Slide Neme Pro 35″
  22. Slide Swallow Wahine 33″
  23. Slide Fish Pavones 32″
  24. Slide Diamond Carving 32″
  25. Slide Gussie Stingray 31″
  26. Slide CMC Pro 31″
  27. Waterborne Surf Adapter
  28. Waterborne Scorpio Carbon 32″
  29. Waterborne Leo 32.5″
  30. Waterborne Pisces 31″
  31. SwellTech Austin Keen Pro Model 33″
  32. SwellTech Hybrid Camo 36″
  33. SwellTech Premiere Blackout 40″
  34. Soulboardiy Revolution Adam 34″
  35. Soulboardiy Revolution Adam Carbonyx 34″
  36. Soulboardiy Revolution Adam Corky 34″
  37. SpiceSkate Cayenne 800 31.5″
  38. SpiceSkate Habanero 830 32.5″
  39. SpiceSkate Caraway 838 32.5″
  40. SpiceSkate Poppy 830 TypeX 32″
  41. Curfboard Classic 2.0 33″
  42. Curfboard Performance Wave 29″
  43. Mindless Surfskate 30″
  44. TailorShape Wetsuit 33″
  45. TailorShape Legian 32.5″
  46. TailorShape Keramas 30.25″
  47. 66 Dangerous 34″
  48. 66 Authority 34″
  49. 66 Beetle 28″
  50. Aquilo Surfskate 32″
  51. Penny High-Line 29″ with Waterborne Surf Adapter
  52. Z-Flex Bamboo Fish 31″ with Waterborne Surf Adapter
  53. WoodDetail Lobos 33″
  54. Flow Swell 33″
  55. Decathlon Carve540
  56. Surfeeling USA Snap 31″
  57. Landyachtz Butter 31.2″
  58. Hamboards Pescadito 43″
  59. OVNI surfskate trucks (Orion, Sirius, and Andromeda)
  60. Charger-X
  61. Hydroponic
  62. NKX
  63. Gullwing Sidewinders

Here’s my point: I know how hard it is to choose the right surfskate. And I’ve done exhaustive research and testing to demystify surfskate brands for you and to help you zero in on the best surfskate for you.

In fact, I can make it very simple for you right now. Simply go through my Ultimate Surfskate Selector and in 8 questions I’ll tell you exactly the right surfskate for you and your riding style.

Top Surfskate Brands from Around the World

After my extensive research and testing, here are the top surfskate brands I think most surfskaters should consider buying:

Carver Surfskates

Carver is the original surfskate brand and the most well-known and popular.

If you’ve ridden a Carver, you know why. They are hard to beat for everyday street surfers who want the most classic surfskate feel. If I had to recommend just one surfskate brand to someone, it would be a Carver.

They offer two surfskate trucks: their original C7 surfskate truck and their newer CX surfskate truck. The C7 is heavier, looser, flowier, more suitable for advanced riders and surf training. The CX is lighter, tighter, most stable, more suitable for everyday street surfing.


  • Country of Origin: U.S.
  • Available in the U.S.: Yes
  • Price: $250-$265
  • Pros: The original classic surfskate feel. High quality. A guaranteed fantastic ride. Many models to choose from to suit your size and style. I love everything about my three Carvers!
  • Cons: Not the purest surf training trucks, if that’s what you’re looking for. Can be hard to choose a model from their large selection.
  • Best Use: Everyday street surfing for riders of any size, skill level, or riding style.

YOW Surfskates

slide v3 surfskate truck
YOW, which stands for “Your Own Wave,” is one of the top surfskate brands in the market. YOW is based in Spain, the epicenter of European surf culture. Designed primarily for surf training, YOW is one of the leading surfskate brands in the market.

YOW surfskates are loose, highly responsive and maneuverable, and allow for a radical surfing feel. In fact, they are one of the loosest and smoothest surfskate trucks on the market.​ YOW offers a wide range of surfskates, from 29″ to 40″ in length.


  • Country of Origin: Spain
  • Available in the U.S.: You can technically order them from Spain, but you pay a premium for shipping, as I did. My YOW cost about $370 total because of that.
  • Price: About $280-$375 US (depending on shipping)
  • Pros: The smoothest truck system I’ve ever ridden. High quality. Excellent surf trainers.
  • Cons: Pricey. Hard to get in the U.S.
  • Best Use: Surf training or street surfing for advanced riders

Smoothstar Surfskates

Smoothstar is very popular in Australia and Japan. Their patented Thruster surfskate truck is not sold separately, but only on one of their complete surfskates.

Smoothstar surfskates are best-suited for performance surf training. They feel very similar to a YOW, with a very loose riding feel and tight carving. They are also relatively unstable and harder to begin on. Smoothstar focuses on pure shortboard surfing functionality and is recommended by Australian surf trainers. Smoothstar offers over a dozen surfskate models, ranging from 30″ to 35.5″ in length.


  • Country of Origin: Australia
  • Available in the U.S.: They ship to the U.S. from Australia, but you pay a premium for shipping.
  • Price: About $300-$350 US (depending on shipping)
  • Pros: High quality. Excellent surf trainers.
  • Cons: Not good for everyday cruising/street surfing. Hard to get in the U.S.
  • Best Use: Surf training.

Slide Surfskates

waterborne surf adapter
Founded in Spain, Slide Surfskates are among the most popular surfskate brands in Europe. They are touted as a competitor to Carver, with a feel approximating a Carver but at a much cheaper cost. Think of them as the high-quality, affordable surfskate.

Slide surfskates are designed for all levels of skaters, and they’re easy to use. Their low truck height, tighter spring, and constrained turning angle of the front truck torsion system make them among the most stable and pushable surfskates.

Their surfskate models come in a variety of shapes and range in length from 30″ to 35″.


  • Country of Origin: Spain
  • Available in the U.S.: Yes, through their U.S. distributor Roller Derby, but with limited board options
  • Price: $189.99
  • Pros: Affordable high-quality. Stable. Work well for all skill levels.
  • Cons: Not the best range of motion or the smoothest surfskate trucks. Limited board options in the U.S.
  • Best Use: Perfect for beginners, short-distance commuters, and carving lovers.

SwellTech Surfskates

waterborne surf adapter
If you’re a surfer living in the U.S. looking for a technical surf trainer, then SwellTech is your brand.

SwellTech, YOW, and Smoothstar are in the same class: the purest surf trainers for advanced riders.

Their surfskate truck system offers the widest range of motion possible–a full 360-degree rotation.

SwellTech surfskates are not for beginners or everyday street surfers. They have a delicate balance and are better suited for advanced riders focusing on surf training.


  • Country of Origin: U.S.
  • Available in the U.S.: Yes
  • Price: $219.99-$249.99
  • Pros: The widest range of motion on any surfskate truck.
  • Cons: Delicate and touchy. You really have to pay attention on a SwellTech. You can’t use their surfskate trucks on any other set-up because of their unique three-bolt pattern.
  • Best Use: Surf training for advanced riders.

Waterborne Surf Adapter

waterborne surf adapter

Waterborne had a smart idea: Instead of building complete surfskates, they created a surfskate truck adapter that can be fitted to any skateboard, longboard, or surfskate deck. It makes your board turn at least three times sharper and allows you to pump the board, but without losing the specific characteristics and riding feel of your original setup.

The Waterborne Surf Adapter is as good of a surfing ride as any surfskate on the market. It also allows for limitless customization options. You can put it on any style or size of deck and experiment with different trucks and wheels.

If you’re the kind of rider who loves tinkering with and fine-tuning your ride, the Waterborne Surf Adapter is perfect for you.


  • Country of Origin: U.S.
  • Available in the U.S.: Yes
  • Price: $79.99 (but you have to provide your own board, trucks, and wheels)
  • Pros: Rides smooth and has an excellent range of motion. You can customize it using any set-up you want.
  • Cons: If you don’t like customizing and want a complete surfskate out of the box, the Waterborne is not for you. It’s also a bit of a challenge to install.
  • Best Use: Everyday street surfing for riders who like customizing their ride.