Slide Surfskate Review: Budget Street Cruiser for Beginners

by | Dec 30, 2021 | Reviews

Considering a Slide surfskate for your quiver? Let’s see if I can help you make the decision.

Slide is a surfskate brand out of Spain that is very popular in Europe. Unfortunately, Slide is not as well known in the U.S.

That’s unfortunate because, in my opinion, Slide surfskates are among the best surfskates in the world. And at a price of $219.99, Slide surfskates are among the best budget surfskates. I also think they’re among the best surfskates for beginners.

Read this review to see if a Slide surfskate is right for you.

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Bottom Line Up Front

I like the feel of the Slide V3 surfskate truck with compression spring and I include it in my list of the best surfskate trucks. I categorize it as a “street cruiser.” It feels very stable and generates a lot of forward momentum. This means it’s a fantastic option for non-surfers, but probably not the best surf trainer for surfers.

Slide surfskates are not the highest quality, but that is reflected in the price. Given their stability and price, I think their niche is a great budget option for non-surfer beginners.

If you’re just getting into surfskating and you want something stable and inexpensive, then a Slide surfskate is a great option.

Slide Surfskate Component Parts


Let’s look at the component parts on Slide surfskates, starting with the Slide surfskate truck:

Slide V3 Surfskate Truck

slide v3 surfskate truck
slide v3 surfskate truck

The Slide V3 surfskate truck is an adjustable spring-based design with a range of motion comparable to the Carver CX (although I’d say a bit less than the CX).

The Slide surfskate truck is lower to the ground than any other surfskate truck and has less rail-to-rail lean than comparable surfskate trucks.

This means that the Slide surfskate truck is best for street cruising, not for technical surf training. Skaters with a background in skateboarding may particularly enjoy the Slide surfskate truck.

The Slide surfskate truck is also an excellent option for beginners because it’s so stable.

I rank the best surfskates on a scale of pure surf trainers on the one hand to pure street cruisers on the other. I place the Slide surfskate truck on the far right as a pure street cruiser.

best surfskate trucks

Compared to pure surf trainers, the street cruising Slide surfskate truck:

  • feels tighter and snappier.
  • is more responsive to lower body movements, particularly ankles and knees.
  • Creates more forward momentum with pumping, as opposed to lateral side-to-side motion.
  • This means it is better for riding longer distances.

What this means is that, while the Slide surfskate truck is very functional, I don’t recommend Slide surfskates to surfers wanting to use a surfskate for surf training.

Slide Surfskate Decks


Slide surfskate decks are made of 7-ply maple. Though they’re not the highest quality, they’re still great.

The one Slide surfskate deck I don’t like is the Swallow models. It doesn’t have much of a kicktail and it has coarse grip tape, which means your feet slide around on it.

Personally, I prefer Carver surfskate decks over Slide surfskate decks, but a Slide deck will get the job done.

Slide Wheels

Most Slide surfskate models come with wheels that are 70mm in diameter with a 55mm wide contact patch and 78a durometer.

Two Slide surfskate models come with wheels that are 65mm in diameter and with an angled lip profile.

As the brand name suggests, the urethane in Slide surfskate wheels makes them excellent for sliding. In fact, of all stock surfskate wheels, I would say that Slide surfskate wheels are among the best for sliding.

Slide Complete Models


On their website, it looks like Slide offers 21 surfskate models. However, there are actually just 8 Slide surfskate models, most of which with different design options. Those Slide surfskate models include:


  • 30″ Quad Sunset
  • 30″ Joyful Series
  • 31″ CMC Performance
  • 31″ Gussie Series
  • 32″ Diamond Series
  • 32″ Fish Series
  • 33″ Swallow Series
  • 35″ Neme Pro

Personally, my favorite Slide surfskate models are the Gussie and Diamond models.

I do not like the 35″ Neme Pro model at all, as I find that the wheelbase is too wide for the Slide truck, which means it doesn’t pump very well.

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Slide Price


One of the other big advantages of Slide is that they’re one of the most affordable surfskate options out there.

In the U.S., Slide surfskates cost around $200. Carver surfskates cost anywhere from $270 to $285.

This means that Slide surfskates are a good budget street cruiser surfskate for beginners.

Personally, I prefer Carvers over Slide and I think Carvers are worth the extra money if you have the budget.

Are Slide Surfskates Good for Beginners?


The Slide V3 surfskate truck is one of the most stable surfskate trucks. Furthermore, it is adjustable.

This means that Slide surfskates are excellent for beginners. In fact, I’d say that the Slide surfskate truck and Carver CX are the best surfskates for beginners.

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