All About Surfskate Trucks

It all started in the summer of 1996 with two surfers from Venice, California. Artist Greg Falk and industrial designer Neil Stratton were bored with flat days with no waves.

So they took to the streets with skateboards in search of hills to surf. When skateboarding couldn’t deliver the feel they were looking for, their mental wheels started spinning. They started imagining what a “surf skateboard” would feel like.

They began building prototypes of the first surfskate truck. After experimenting with many different designs and dozens of prototypes, Carver made its first production trucks.

Carver Skateboards were the pioneers of surfskate trucks. Today, there are dozens of different surfskate trucks and surfskate brands around the world.

How Do Surfskate Trucks Work?

The front trucks of a surfskate are mounted on what’s called a “surf adapter.” The surf adapter truck can be built into the skateboard, or it can be an attachment that is mounted between the front trucks and deck of any standard board.

Standard skateboard and longboard trucks tilt and turn on their kingpin axis, which allows the rider to turn the board. The surf adapter is essentially a crane arm that allows the trucks to also move side to side.

The surf adapter allows for a much wider range of motion, which results in tighter, smoother turns. This increased range of motion is what also allows surfskates to be pumped from side to side.

The Top Surfskate Trucks You Should Know

To date, I’ve purchased and tested more than 60 surfskates from 27 companies in 11 countries around the world, which includes 30 different surfskate trucks.

After my extensive testing, I’ve concluded that these are the top 10 surfskate trucks (in alphabetical order):

  1. Aquilo
  2. Carver C7
  3. Carver CX
  4. Curfboard
  5. Slide V3
  6. Smoothstar Thruster D
  7. SpiceSkate SpicePilot TypeX
  8. SwellTech
  9. Waterborne Surf Adapter FIN System
  10. YOW Meraki

Learn more about the top surfskate brands here. You can see a full list of global surfskate brands here, with my description and review of each.

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