Use This YOW Surfskate Size Chart to Choose the Right YOW Model for You

by | Jan 19, 2022 | Choosing Your Surfskate, YOW Surfskates

There are 34 YOW surfskate models, ranging from 29″ to 41″ in length and 16.5″ to 27″ in wheelbase. This YOW surfskate size chart will save you time, money, and hassle and help you choose the right YOW surfskate model for you.
I bought my first surfskate in October of 2020 after researching for months. Since then, I’ve invested over $16,000 on more than 60 surfskates with 28 different surfskate trucks from 27 companies in 11 countries around the world.

I didn’t do this to build a huge surfskate quiver for myself. Rather, I did it to create a predictable surfskate buying process for other surfskate beginners like me struggling to choose the right surfskate model.

Of all the companies I’ve bought from, I must say that YOW has been the hardest surfskate company to learn how to buy from. They currently offer 35 models, ranging from 29″ and 41″ in length, and the have no buying process or education. To my knowledge, this is the first and only formal YOW surfskate size chart in existence.

In this YOW surfskate size chart, I’ll reveal the YOW models that will work best for you so you don’t waste time, money, and hassle buying the wrong model.

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Why the YOW Surfskate Size Chart is Based on Wheelbase, Not Deck Length

To understand the YOW surfskate size guide below, the first thing you need to understand is the importance of wheelbase on a surfskate deck. For a full explanation of the importance of wheelbase on a surfskate, download my Magic Surfskate Formula.

Wheelbase is the measurement between the inner bolt holes on a surfskate deck.

Typically, people approach the surfskate buying process from a perspective of looking at the length of decks, as based on our height. But this approach doesn’t work for surfskates because of how surfskate trucks are designed.

On a surfskate, your front foot must be positioned right behind the front truck for it to be stable. If your front foot is positioned on top or in front of the front truck, you run the risk of jackknifing and biting pavement.

This means that if your surfskate wheelbase is too narrow for your stance width, you will be too heavily weighted forward and your surfskate truck won’t support it.

Most surfskate truck axles hang back behind the front inner bolt hole, which effectively narrows your wheelbase. And every surfskate truck hangs back a different distance, so you have to know how to adjust wheelbase calculations for each surfskate truck.

The YOW Meraki loses 1.75″ of wheelbase. This means that on YOW surfskate models, you need a longer deck to accommodate your stance width, as opposed to surfskate trucks that don’t hang back that far.

So when choosing your YOW surfskate model, the length is essentially irrelevant until you get the right wheelbase. Everything starts with wheelbase, not deck length.

So to understand the following YOW surfskate size chart, the first thing you have to do is measure your stance width. Once you have that, I’ll do all the math for you in the YOW surfskate size guide below.

Find Your Stance Width to Use the YOW Surfskate Size Chart

Your stance width will tell us the YOW models that have a wheelbase wide enough to accomodate your stance width.

To measure your stance width, get a tape measure and remove your shoes.

Stand in your natural skating stance. Bend all the way down until you can touch the ground and stand back up. Do that a few times and shift your feet until you find that perfect width for balancing when your weight shifts around.

Once you’ve settled into what feels like your most natural, comfortable, and balanced stance, then measure the distance between your inner feet. That’s your stance width.

For example, my stance width is 18”:

This means that, for me, the best surfskates are the models with a wheelbase closest to 18″.

Once you have your stance width measurement, then add an inch above and subtract an inch below. This gives you your wheelbase range.

So in my case with an 18” stance width, that means the wheelbase range I’m looking for is 17” to 19”.

If you measure a 16-inch stance, the wheelbase range for the best surfskates for you will be between 15 and 17 inches.

However, as I mentioned above, once you know your stance width and wheelbase range, then you have to account for the 1.75″ that the YOW Meraki truck hangs back from the front bolt hole.

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YOW Surfskate Size Chart for All 35 YOW Surfskate Models

With all that said, I’ve done all the calculations for you in the YOW surfskate size guide below.

All you need to know is your stance width. Once you have that, I’ve organized all 35 YOW surfskate models by stance width range, as correlates to the wheelbase measurements of the YOW Meraki truck.

Scroll down to see the YOW surfskate models that will fit your stance width. Click the images to get more details on each model.

YOW Surfskate Models that Fit a Stance Width
of Between 14″ and 16″

YOW Surfskate Models that Fit a Stance Width of
Between 15″ and 17″

YOW Surfskate Models that Fit a Stance Width

of Between 16″ and 18″

YOW Surfskate Models that Fit a Stance Width of Between 17″ and 19″

YOW Surfskate Models that Fit a Stance Width of 16″ and Wider

These final four YOW surfskate longboard models are suitable for riders with a stance width of 16″ or wider.

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