What is a Surfskate?

by | Dec 14, 2020 | Surfskating Basics

A surfskate is a skateboard that uses a specially-designed front truck, which gives you the feel of surfing on land. Surfskates are used by surfers for surf training, as well as non-surfers for just cruising the street.

Simply put, a surfskate is a skateboard for surfing the street. Surfskates use specially-designed front trucks with a rotating arm that enable riders to mimic the movements, feel, and flow of surfing.

Surfskates were originally invented by surfers who wanted something to do on flat days. As time has passed, surfskating has become embraced by more and more non-surfers.

Whether you love to surf or skate, surfskating is the closest experience you can get to gliding down and carving a wave.

How does a surfskate work?

Skateboards are designed for tricks. Longboards are designed for cruising, downhill, or freeriding. Surfskates are designed to mimic the feel of surfing on land.

To enable this motion, they use a special surf adaptar truck system. Skateboard and longboard truck trucks only turn along their kingpin axis. Surfskate trucks mount the truck on a rotating arm, which adds an extra axis of rotation. This allows it to move on an additional plane compared to typical skateboard and longboard trucks.

Pivoting surfskate trucks make the nose of the board shift from left to right, with dramatic transitions from rail to rail, as the rider shifts weight.

The rear truck acts as a pivot point that the board rotates around, and the amplified movement of the nose allows the board to turn much more tightly and dramatically.

What does it feel like to ride a surfskate?

If you’ve ever surfed, you know how a surfskate feels.

If you haven’t, imagine riding a hoverboard that can flow with your body and move tight and smooth with the slightest shift in weight. You glide and carve without ever needing to push your foot on the ground.

The front truck on a surfskate allows you to carve your way without having to put your foot on the road to increase momentum. By pumping the nose of the surfskate side to side, you quickly gain speed and direct the board.

Who is surfskating for?

Surfskates first appeared in 1996 with Carver Skateboards. Originally, they were designed for surfers to do surf training on flat days.

However, over time surfskating has evolved into far more than just surf training. Today, there are more than twenty surfskate brands around the world, each with their own unique style, feel, and purpose.

Surfers love surfskating for surf training. But surfskating is not just for surfers! It’s for everyone who loves the freedom and flow of board sports and wants to experience a completely new, different, and liberating style of riding.

Ready to learn how to surfskate?

If you want the feeling of pure freedom, it’s time to learn how to surfskate.

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