Help Me Review SwellTech Surfskates

Give me raw, unedited videos of you riding and reviewing the SwellTech and I’ll do the rest.

DEADLINE: Sunday, March 5th


Your deadline for contributing videos for the review is Sunday, March 5th.

All you have to do is give me two separate videos, one showing footage of you riding, and one with you reviewing Swelltech.

For your review video, all you have to do is answer this list of questions in front of a camera.

I’ll do all the editing to put everything together in an engaging way.

Everyone who submits videos according to the instructions below will receive a free set of Surfskate Love wheels of your choice and a Surfskate Love t-shirt.

Here are your instructions:

  1. Must be filmed in HORIZONTAL orientation, not vertical. Vertical works for Instagram and TikTok, but not YouTube. Vertical footage will be unusable for me, and therefore a waste of time for you to film.
  2. Must be in .MOV or .MP4 formats.
  3. To film your review video, simply stand in front of the camera and answer the questions in this document. Good audio is critical. Film in a quiet place where you won’t pick up a lot of background noise. Stand close enough to the camera to record good audio.
  4. For your riding video, I would ideally like to see 2-3 minutes of the best quality footage you can get showing your best riding in a variety of environments.
  5. You don’t need to worry about editing either of your videos. Raw, unedited footage is fine. Even when you’re speaking, it’s okay for you to mess up a sentence and pick up where you left off. I can edit out any mistakes.
  6. When your videos are done, upload them to Google Drive and give me the links in the form below. Be sure to change the permission settings to allow anyone with the link to view the video.

Your deadline for contributing videos for the SwellTech review is Monday, March 5th.

Contribute Your SwellTech Review & Riding Videos

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