Is Surfskating Just for Surf Training?

by | Dec 19, 2020 | Surfskating Basics, Surfskating for Surf Training

Although surfskating originated with surfing, it has become one of the most popular board sports for anyone who loves the feel of surfing on land.

Surfskates originated when two surfers, Neil Stratton and Greg Falk, got tired of flat days.

So they set out to design a skateboard that would mimic the body movements and feel of surfing on land. They perfected their surfskate truck design, and the first Carver surfskates entered the market.

Since Carver pioneered the surfskate, dozens of companies have followed their lead and built their own surfskate truck.

Initially, surfskate companies, such as SwellTech, YOW, and Smoothstar, were focused on surf training.

It can be difficult to progress as a surfer because surfers spend very little actual time riding waves. Surfskating allows surfers to practice their surfing skills over and over in a stress-free environment.

Professional surfers agree that surfskating for surf training works because it is the most efficient way to simulate surfing outside the water.

As surf coach Clayton Nienaber says,

“When you understand the science of surfing, you start to simulate the techniques on land, and take those techniques in to surf, you will have everything you need to feel stoked after every session.”

Over time, however, surfskating has evolved into far more than just surf training.

Today, there are more than fifty surfskate brands around the world, each with their own unique style, feel, and purpose.

Certain surfskate trucks, most notably Carver C7, SwellTech, YOW, and Smoothstar, are built specifically with surf training in mind. They are more delicately balanced than other surfskate trucks and are therefore more unstable and require more skill than is suitable for surfskate beginners and street surfing hobbyists.

Other surfskate trucks, such as the Carver CX, Flow, or Landyachtz, are built for more mainstream street surfing that surf training specifically. They don’t give you the same range of motion as surf training surfskates, but they give you more stability.

Although surfers love surfskating for surf training, surfskating is not just for surfers! It’s for everyone who loves the freedom and flow of board sports and wants to experience a completely new, different, and liberating style of riding.

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