Surfskate Tutorials Video Course for Beginners: “Surfskating for Non-Surfers”

by | Jan 13, 2022 | Surfskating Basics, Surfskating Tutorials

Are you a non-surfer beginner looking for surfskate tutorials to learn how to surfskate? My video course, “Surfskating for Non-Surfers,” gives you hours of live surfskate tutorials.

Learn About “Surfskating for Non-Surfers” on YouTube

When I first started surfskating, I had never surfed in my life and all I had done was basic longboard cruising.

So to learn how to surfskate, I scoured the Internet and watched all the surfskate tutorials I could find. I did a lot of surfskate drills. I paid for two surfskate tutorial video courses and went through them both multiple times.

All these surfskate tutorials were valuable. They helped me to fix a lot of mistakes, improved my form a lot, and made surfskating a whole lot more fun for me.

However, I also found that, because these surfers are experts and they’re teaching to surfers, there are a lot of movements in the process that are implicit or second nature to them. But as a non-surfer, they aren’t second nature to me.

As a non-surfer, I encountered a lot of gaps in the surfskate training because of those blind spots of experts. It’s the principle of, “It’s hard to read the label when you’re in the bottle.”

So I had to read between the lines, dissect every movement in minute detail, and reverse engineer the process for everything to really click for me.

Throughout the process of learning how to surfskate myself, I also had to figure out new ways to teach the things I was learning to other non-surfers like me. So I started using non-traditional techniques that aren’t necessarily what surfers would use, but they are designed specifically to help non-surfers “fall into the flow” of surfskating.

And because I love surfskating so much, and I’m particularly passionate about helping newbies learn how to surfskate, I created the surfskate tutorials video course that I wish had existed when I started.

“Surfskating for Non-Surfers” is a comprehensive surfskate tutorials video course for surfskate beginners who don’t have surf experience and are struggling to learn how to surfskate.

The course comes with 2.5 hours of live video instruction, which is organized into 5 modules and 36 detailed lessons with surfskate practice drills. Course modules include:

  1. How to Choose Your Surfskate
  2. Proper Stance, Posture, & Foot Placement on a Surfskate
  3. How to Pump a Surfskate
  4. How to Turn a Surfskate
  5. How to Stop on a Surfskate
  6. Bonus troubleshooting module, where I give detailed one-on-one instruction to participants struggling with specific aspects of surfskating.

My guarantee is that it will get you surfskating competently and confidently within 48 hours or less — or your money back.

Can You Learn How to Surfskate by Just Watching Free Surfskate Tutorials?

An obvious question is, why do you need this course when there are so many free surfskate tutorials on YouTube?

In my experience, most surfskate tutorials are just experts speaking alone to the camera. While they really know what they’re doing, that’s a hard format for me to learn in. I want the teaching to be more concrete for me. I want to see them teach in live action, with models.

So to solve that problem, I grabbed eight random people, all with various board sports experience, and taught the course to them live.

The advantage to you is that these surfskate beginners make the same mistakes you’ll make. So you get to watch me troubleshoot them live, just as if I were with you personally fixing the exact same mistakes for you.

Surfskate Tutorials Video Course Testimonials

Here’s what my students said about my surfskate training:

So if you want to:

  • Shortcut the process and get surfskating confidently within hours instead of weeks or even months…
  • Start with proper form so you don’t pick up bad habits you’ll have to fix later…
  • Stop feeling embarrassed by wiggling like a noob and start pumping like a pro…
  • Avoid tons of pain by learning how to ride safely…
  • Progress way faster on a surfskate than you ever thought possible…
  • Have way more fun on a surfskate than your current skills allow…

…then my “Surfskating for Non-Surfers” surfskate tutorials video course is just what you need.

Click here to get surfskating competently and confidently within 48 hours or less — or your money back.