Surfskate Love Wheels Now Available in Canada at Whitetail Skateboards

by | Jun 2, 2023 | Announcements

I’m thrilled to announce my newest wheel distributor, Whitetail Skateboards in Quebec, Canada.

So if you’re a surfskater in Canada, you can now try Surfskate Love wheels without paying customs fees!

Whitetail’s founder, Sophie Samson, has a degree in fashion design, which allowed her to work as a designer trainee at Descente Ltd. (Olympics clothing) in Osaka, Japan, in the snowboard clothes department.

In 2005, Sophie launched her own snowboard clothes company, Jackalop Inc.

It was actually her passion for snowboarding that led her into skateboarding in the first place, back in 2004.

For more than a decade, she longed for a certain skateboard feeling she could never find, until she tried a Carver C7 in 2012. It was an instant crush and she’s been into surfskating ever since.

Sophie says,

“Designing sports clothing and shaping skateboard decks is actually really similar. The understanding of how shapes will perform in movement and in relation to one another comes to me naturally.
“Shaping high-performance, utilitarian, three-dimensional objects is the sweet spot where my artist brain meets my engineer brain to complete one another.”

Sophie has been illustrating skateboards since 2007. In 2019, she did her first skate art show called EXPO SKATE.

After the big success of this art show, she decided to go full-blown into it and launch Whitetail.

Sophie also works as a professional artist. She has been commissioned to paint murals and other projects. She is currently under contract by her city to illustrate the mini ramp at her local skate park.

She upholds uncompromising standards and exclusively offers top-tier components in her boutique.

She puts the surfskater’s needs and feedback at the heart of how she crafts boards. She is actively engaged in her local surfskate community. She also works alongside talented surfskaters, such as Mark the Landlocked Surfer and Shane Lai, to create beautiful products for the most demanding riders’ styles.

She is always ready to challenge her own designs, merging the best of surf and street skating.

I look forward to working with Whitetail Skateboards to give surfskaters in Canada a better riding experience.

Whitetail Surfskate Decks: Tigershark and Whaleshark

Whitetail is popular with surfskaters around the world for the Whaleshark and Tigershark surfskate decks.

Featuring deep concave and pronounced tails and noses, they’re both designed as high-performance surfskate decks with traditional skateboarders in mind.

They’re not recommended for riders who prefer flatter decks.

Whitetail Whaleshark Surfskate Deck

Sophie’s idea with the Whaleshark was to push the boundaries and design a skaters-oriented, high-performing, durable deck that features the most requested features by the current community.

The Whaleshark blends the capabilities of a surfskate with all the shredding possibilities of a classic skateboard, offering the infinite freedom of surfing the land without any tradeoffs.

You can use it for cruising flatland and power sliding, as well as park and bowl riding and tricks. It can work as a surf trainer, unless you prefer flatter decks that resemble a surfboard.

  • Wide deck of 9.75” by 34”
  • New 17″ wheelbase (measured between inner bolts holes) to accommodate most surfskate trucks
  • Functional rocker nose & tail
  • Deep pocket that locks both feet
  • Deep concave to pump and carve effortlessly

Whitetail Tigershark Surfskate Deck

The TigerShark surfskate deck is built for high-performance riders and riders with traditional skate backgrounds. Its skater-oriented performance transcends conventional methods and challenges industry norms, making it a true game-changer for those seeking the ultimate ride.

The Tigershark is optimized for park and bowl riding, pump tracks, and trick riding.

  • Wide deck of 9.75” by 32.5”
  • Multiple wheelbase options (17″, 18”, and 19” with Whitetail Remora wheelbase extender)
  • Rocker nose & tail (21 degrees)
  • Deeps pockets that locks both feet for unparalleled locked-in feeling
  • Deep concave (12 degrees) to pump and carve effortlessly

Whitetail Remora Wheelbase Extender

Another innovation from Sophie at Whitetail is her new Remora Wheelbase Extender.

The Remora is essentially an angled riser that fits onto the front of your deck between the deck and the truck baseplate.

It enables you to extend the wheelbase options on your Whaleshark and Tigershark decks with the high noses.