How to Stop Surfskate Pivot Cup Squeaks

by | Feb 25, 2023 | Surfskate Maintenance

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I’ve tested more than 70 surfskates to date, and most of them had a pivot cup squeak right out of the box.

I’ve made a few videos in the past teaching you how to get rid of those pivot cup squeaks by using either wax shavings or grease.

While that works, there’s a way to get rid of your surfskate pivot cup squeaking without ever having to do that again.

That is to simply replace your stock surfskate pivot cups with RipTide surfskate pivot cups.

RipTide currently has surfskate pivot cups for Carver CX, Carver C7, and YOW surfskates. We’re working on getting them for all the top 10 surfskate trucks.

riptide surfskate pivot cups
RipTide surfskate pivot cups come in their WFB formula. RipTide explains on their website that,

“This compound has a unique lubrication added that does not bond with the urethane which is why you will often see a white residue on the surface. This compound offers reduced bushing friction for fast transitions and a deeper lean than the APS.”

When you look at RipTide surfskate pivot cups up close, you’ll see a white residue on them, almost like a chalky substance. That white residue is that lubricant. It continues lubricating your pivot over time so you don’t have to keep adding wax shavings or grease.

riptide surfskate pivot cups

How to Replace Your Surfskate Pivot Cups

To replace your surfskate pivot cups, first remove the kingpin nut and hangar to reveal the pivot cup.

replace surfskate pivot cups
replace surfskate pivot cups
To remove the pivot cup, you can use a flathead screwdriver. Insert the end between the pivot cup and the inner wall and pry it out.
replace surfskate pivot cups
However, some pivot cups will be too tight to do that. In that case, you can use a Phillips screw and screwdriver to screw into the bottom of the pivot cup.
replace surfskate pivot cups
Keep screwing it in until the screw pierces through the pivot cup and the pivot cup starts pushing out the top.

Next, use a pair of pliers to grab the screw and pull the pivot cup out.

replace surfskate pivot cups
Insert your RipTide surfskate pivot cup, then replace your hangar and kingpin nut.

With your RipTide surfskate pivot cups in place, you’ll never have to worry about pivot cup squeaking again.