Introducing the Special Edition Surfskate Love “Sports Car” Soulboardiy

by | Aug 8, 2023 | Upgrades & Customizations

After testing 100+ surfskate decks over the past 2.5 years, my favorite deck maker by far is Soulboardiy.

After falling in love with their Revolution Adam deck, I worked with Soulboardiy to create a special edition Surfskate Love Soulboardiy collaboration deck with custom specs.

I’m thrilled to announce that it’s now available exclusively in my shop.

Each deck is a different design to give you a breathtaking, one-of-a-kind work of art.

Learn the Technical Specs, Features, and Benefits of the Surfskate Love Soulboardiy Collaboration Deck

The Soulboardiy “Sports Car”

To bottom line it for you, I would say I have created the Soulboardiy sports car. Here’s what I mean by that:

My Soulboardiy Revolution Adam decks are 34” long, 10 1/4” wide, and have three wheelbase options (17”, 18”, and 19”).

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So I would call the Revolution Adam my Soulboardiy “cruising sedan” for medium to long-distance cruising. Although it can be used for performance riding, it’s bigger and bulkier than I prefer for that.

In contrast, I created the Soulboardiy “sports car” for high-performance riding, including sharp snaps and slides, advanced maneuvers, and bowl riding.

The specs on this new Surfskate Love Soulboardiy collaboration deck are:

  • 32.5” long
  • 9.5” wide at the front, 9” wide at the tail
  • One wheelbase option at 17.5”

To give you a frame of reference, here’s a picture of my “sports car” deck laid on top of my Revolution “cruising sedan” deck.

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With this wheelbase, this deck is perfect for any rider with a stance width of between 16” and 18”, as measured between your inner feet in your natural riding stance.

My natural stance width is 18”, and this is where my feet sit on the deck:

best surfskate trucks

I’ve been riding the Carver Black Tip for surfskate bowl riding for a couple years.

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After stepping foot on this new Soulboardiy, it instantly became my new favorite bowl riding deck. It feels even more natural, lively, and intuitive than the Black Tip.

Soulboardiy CarbonyX Deck Construction

The Soulboardiy deck is standard CarbonyX construction with six layers of birch core. This makes it light and flexy and gives it good vibration dampening. This makes it feel soft underfoot even when riding over rough surfaces.

On top and bottom are different colored veneers, made of beech, ash, or birch. And as I said, each one is a unique design, so your Surfskate Love Soulboardiy will be a one-of-a-kind work of art.

The concave and rocker are Soulboardiy’s signature anatomic three-dimensional shape.

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One of the things I love most about Soulboardiys is their torsional flex with high rebound. And by torsional flex, I’m referring to the deck essentially twisting in the middle as you apply opposing pressure to each foot.

This makes Soulboardiys feel like a living, breathing part of your riding experience, as the board flexes intuitively with your movements.

To help with the torsional flex, Soulboardiy uses a technique you won’t see in any other deck. You’ll notice that the deck has two strips crisscrossing the deck. These are unidirectional carbon stringers. And what they do is give the deck long-lasting flex, pop, and quick rebound.

Soulboardiy decks have probably the most torsional flex of any deck I’ve ever tried. But not only do they flex a lot, but with these carbon stringers, it means the board will flex but then pop back to its original shape very quickly.

The torsional also helps to pump faster by giving additional rebound. It generates speed and enables smoother, more dynamic turn initiation. It also helps to slide and control the board better for snaps and slides.

What makes the torsional flex feel so good is that it gives you slight independence between front and rear lean.

Most surfskate trucks do not have a balanced front and rear lean. The front truck is built for deep lean. The rear truck is typically a standard TKP truck with a high riser, which is not built for such deep lean.

So when you fully lean, you can lose contact with the ground on one back wheel, resulting in a loss of traction and stability.

With torsional flex, you’re able to have the full deep lean on the front, with a variable rear lean. You can control how much pressure you add to your rear foot to have the most controlled slides. This happens fully intuitively. No torsional stiff board will give you this function!
Soulboardiys have a parabolic rocker, which means the deck has an upward-curving arch:
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This is as opposed to a cambered rocker, which has a downward-curving arch:
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The parabolic rocker makes for the ultimate comfort feel wherever you stand on the board. Whether your stance is narrow or wide, it all feels natural.

The rocker makes the feet and legs angles more natural. It also makes for the perfect pocket for your front foot to make your front leg more relaxed. This eliminates the concern of your front foot slipping as you pump.

best surfskate trucks
best surfskate trucks
Another very unique aspect of Soulboardiy decks is that the tail has a convex profile. That means that it curves downward, as opposed to a concave tail, which would curve upward.
best surfskate trucks
best surfskate trucks
The convex tail means that your foot hugs the board perfectly in the most natural position. This results in more grip and comfort and better rail-to-rail transfer.

All those features support better whole-body technique, which means that on Soulboardiy decks you can ride longer while getting less tired.

So after testing more than 100 surfskate decks, this deck is my favorite high-performance surfskate by far.

I back it with a money-back guarantee. So you can try your Surfskate Love Soulboardiy for 30 days, and if you’re not thrilled with it, you can return it and I’ll immediately refund your money.

So get your Surfskate Love Soulboardiy now to take your surfskating experience to a whole new level.