Soulboardiy Surfskate Decks Review

by | Mar 1, 2023 | Surfskate Decks, Surfskate Reviews

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In the tiny little village of Sucha nad Parnou, Slovakia, not too far from Vienna, Austria, live a master craftsman and artist, Draho and Eva Rozic.

They’re the owners of Soulboardiy and the makers of what I believe to be the finest surfskate decks on the market.

Draho started studying the art of deck building when he was just eight years old, and living under communist rule.

He would watch any skateboarding and snowboarding he could find on TV and record it on a VCR. Then, he would spend hours poring over that footage to figure out how they were making their decks. From there, he would have to beg, borrow, or steal materials to start building and experimenting.

Now, more than 30 years later, Draho has emerged as a master craftsman with a revolutionary new surfskate deck design.

After testing 70+ surfskates since October 2020, Soulboardiy surfskate decks are my favorite.

riptide surfskate pivot cups

What I Love About Soulboardiy Surfskate Decks

When I got into surfskating, I was new to all board sports. I had only been longboarding for about eight months before I stepped onto a surfskate.

I was looking at everything from a fresh perspective, without having any idea how a surfskate deck was “supposed to” look and feel.

The more surfskates I rode, the more it became clear what I was looking for in a surfskate deck. They were all things that seemed very obvious to me. And I was confused as to why all the other surfskate companies weren’t building surfskate decks this way.

After experimenting with all these decks, I stepped onto a Soulboardiy. My immediate thought was, “This is exactly what I’ve been saying a surfskate deck should be all along.”

Here are the aspects of Soulboardiy decks I love:

Excellent Foot Placement for Both Feet

Most surfskate decks I’ve tried are between about 9.5” and 10” at their widest point. And typically, that widest point is somewhere in the middle of the deck, where neither of your feet are placed.

In contrast, Soulboardiy is 10.25” wide and it widens at front and rear to give you perfect foot placement for both feet.

riptide surfskate pivot cups
riptide surfskate pivot cups
This gives me a lot of room to work with and keeps both my heels and toes on the board. This makes for every responsive rail-to-rail heel and toe movements.

A lot of surfskate decks narrow at the tail, and many of them have swallowtails. I’m not a fan of this because when I ride a surfskate, a lot of the pumping and carving are driven by my back foot. So I like having a nice wide tail, which makes pumping and maneuvers more efficient and effortless.

The foot placement on Soulboardiy decks also accommodates a variety of different stances. They also give you plenty of room to move around and shift positions.

Perfect Concave

The second thing I love about Soulboardiy decks is the concave, which is just perfect for me.

replace surfskate pivot cups
Most of the surfskate decks I’ve tried are on the flatter side. This makes my front foot slide around when pumping aggressively.

On the other side of the scale are Smoothstar decks, which have very deep concave. This deep concave gets uncomfortable for me after riding it for a while.

Convex Tail

One special feature you’ll find on Soulboardiy surfskate decks is the convex tail. When you look at it from behind, you’ll notice that it curves downward on the sides. This is the opposite of what you’ll find on most surfskate decks.

replace surfskate pivot cups
Your back foot fit onto that convex tail perfectly. It gives it a bit of a rolling sensation when pressing side to side on your rails, and makes pumping and manuevers incredibly comfortable.

Parabolic Rocker

Soulboardiy surfskate decks have a parabolic rockers, which means they are lower in the center than on the front and rear.

They actually use a progressive rocker, not centered, which means the lowest spot is closer to the rear than the center.

The parabolic rocker make for more ergonomic foot positioning, angles in your legs to relief pressure on your knees, and feels very comfortable for long-distance riding.

Torsional Flex

The final feature I want to mention about Soulboardiy surfskate decks is the snappy torsional flex.

Longitudinal flex refers to the bend from nose to tail. Lateral flex refers to the bend from left side to ride side. Torsional flex is the twisting or combination of longitudinal and lateral flex at the same time.

The torsional flex makes for a very lively feel. You feel like the board is alive under your feet, or like it’s a part of you.

Works Excellent for Most Surfskate Trucks

I’ve tried many different surfskate trucks on my Soulboardiy surfskate decks and I’ve found that they all work very well.

With some trucks that have a big Smoothstar Thruster 1, you just have to make sure that the wheelbase works for your stance width.

Also, SwellTech has a unique three-bolt pattern on the front truck. Soulboardiy has recently come out with a custom SwellTech deck with that pattern.

So no matter which surfskate truck you prefer, Soulboardiy surfskate decks will work fantastic.

Revolution vs. Carbonyx Models

Soulboardiy offers two models, the Revolution and Carbonyx. Each of those come in two sizes, the 34” Adam and the 33.5” Eva.

soulboardiy revolution and carbonyx
I have both and I ride the Carbonyx more than the Revolution.

The Revolution models are vertically laminated lightweight bamboo and paulownia core, with ash and biax fiberglass laminate.

The Carbonyx model adds strips of carbon within the deck layers, which criss-cross the deck. This enhances the torsional flex by making it more flexible, but also giving it more rebound.

soulboardiy carbonyx surfskate deck
What that means is that on the Carbonyx, even though the torsional flex is greater and the board is moving more, it snaps back to its original shape quicker. This means that it actually feels tighter and snappier than the Revolution.

In contrast, the Revolution has a little less torsional flex but less rebound, which gives it a bit more of a softer feel.

I loosely compare it to the difference in feel between the YOW Meraki and the Carver C7 surfskate trucks. Although the YOW Meraki has a wider range of motion—and therefore has a further distance to travel to snap back to center—since the spring is tighter, it snaps back faster than the C7. So the C7 feels “softer” than the Meraki.

I would bottom-line it by saying for me, the Carbonyx feels a bit more like a “performance” deck and the Revolution feels a bit more like a “cruiser” deck.

The difference is noticeable, but not so huge that you’ll be disappointed by either choice. Both decks will give you everything you need and want in a surfskate deck:

  • Perfect foot placement for both feet.
  • Perfect concave, either for easy cruising or sharp performance riding.
  • Incredibly comfortable.
  • Versatile enough to do anything imaginable on a surfskate.

So be confident in your decision, knowing that you can’t go wrong either way.