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Surfskate Love surfskate wheels were designed for the flow of surfskating pumping and carving.

Choose 62mm 93a wheels for park and bowl riding. Choose 65mm surfskate wheels for quicker acceleration and lower top speed. Choose 70mm surfskate wheels for slower acceleration and higher top speed.

Choose 78a durometer for more grip. Choose 81a durometer for more slide. Choose 84a durometer for park and bowl riding and pump tracks.

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The foundation of Surfskate Love surfskate wheels is the extremely high-quality, high-rebound, and durable flothane™ urethane formula. The formula is made in the U.S.A. by Aend Industries, one of the top urethane manufacturers.

Flothane™ is grippy and fast and feels buttery smooth for the flow of surfskating.

The specifications of these surfskate wheelse were designed for surfskating.

The 65mm diameter surfskate wheels give you quick acceleration and nimbleness for surfskate carving. The 49mm width and 46mm contact patch make them nimble to pump and carve.

Compared to 65mm surfskate wheels, 70mm surfskate wheels give you a high top speed. They feel smoother on rough surfaces. And they are better for riding longer distances.

The offset core position gives you the perfect combination of grip and release for confidence through advanced maneuvers.

Both the outside and inside surfskate wheel edges have an angled radius. This makes slides easier, smoother, and more predictable. It also makes them less prone to chunking than square-edged wheels, and makes them last longer.

These surfskate wheels come in three durometers: 78a, 81a, and 84a. Use the softer 78a to get more grip and a more plush feel on rough surfaces. Use the harder 81a surfskate wheels to get more slide and faster speeds on smooth surfaces. Use the hardest 84a surfskate wheels for bowl riding, the fastest speeds, and the easiest slides.

65mm Surfskate Wheels Specifications:

  • Diameter: 65 millimeters
  • Durometers: 78a, 81a, 84a
  • Width: 49 millimeters
  • Contact Patch: 46 millimeters
  • Core Position: Offset
  • Lip Profile: Radiused

70mm Surfskate Wheels Specifications:


  • Diameter: 70 millimeters
  • Durometers: 78a, 81a
  • Width: 52 millimeters
  • Contact Patch: 49 millimeters
  • Core Position: Offset
  • Lip Profile: Radiused

62mm Park & Bowl Wheels Specifications:


  • Diameter: 62 millimeters
  • Durometers: 93a
  • Width: 44 millimeters
  • Contact Patch: 35 millimeters
  • Core Position: Centerset
  • Lip Profile: Rounded


Surfskate Wheels 10-Day Buy-Back Guarantee Terms & Conditions:

Try out your surfskate wheels for 10 days. If you are dissatisfied for any reason, contact us and ship them back to us (at your cost) within 10 days of the date of delivery. Once we have received your surfskate wheels (all four in a complete set), we will refund your original payment.

International Delivery Information

If you are ordering surfskate wheels for delivery outside of the United States, please note that your delivery may be subject to import duties and taxes, which are levied once the goods reach the country of destination. Any such charges levied in relation to customs clearance must be paid by you. It is accepted by you that Surfskate Love has no control over additional charges in relation to customs clearance. We recommend that you check with your local customs officials or post office for more information regarding importation taxes/duties that may be applicable to your online order. You will be the importer of record and responsible for any import VAT and duty that needs to be paid. In addition, any charges for import clearance will be paid by you, the customer.

Additional information

Weight 1.5 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 6 × 2 in

62mm (Park & Bowl), 65mm, 70mm


78a, 81a, 84a, 93a

36 reviews for Surfskate Wheels

  1. Joanna Sanders

    Might be perfection in the surfskate realm. I came in late in the game, at 42 years old, definitely inspired watching Steve as well as my two sons. After following Steve’s formula to pick out my surfskate I ended up with what honestly feels like the perfect board for me, the Carver Super Slab CX 2021, 31.25 and rode the wheels it came with (70MM ECOMAG Aqua 81A) for the entire 8 months I’ve had it so far. After following Steve and knowing the extensive research he’d been doing in his riding experience, I didn’t hesitate at all to purchase the wheels the day he offered the presale. I got my wheels yesterday and popped them on today, and I think he’s honestly created the perfect wheel. It is not as grippy as my previous wheels, but those were perfect to learn on at the time. Now that I’ve learned stability, I’m craving a little more speed and ability to carve tighter, and these do just that. I was concerned they might even be too fast, but that wasn’t the case. They were exactly the perfect combination of speed and stability and grip to take me to the next level. I typically ride at skateparks and parking lots and they’re great on both. I have found in just a day that my skills are even a little above what I was previously thinking as well, because the new wheels are allowing me a greater capacity than the previous ones. Absolutely fantastic product, and great price point. 100% recommended. Thank you, Steve for putting it all together. I adore this surfskate even more than I did before now, and that was a high bar to reach.

  2. James

    Loving these wheels in pump track and park. They are super fast and nimble, almost the ideal all purpose surfskate wheel. I’m in full control, even when kicking these loose for slides. There’s magic in the formula, I can’t wait for more options!

  3. Shane Lai

    Really enjoying those wheels! They are soft, grippy, smooth, roll over practically anything and quiet. Perfect for that neighbourhood street surfing!

  4. Tony Bliss

    Absolutely blown away by the quality and performance of these wheels. I’m usually a massive Orangatang fan with the 70mm 78a 4Presidents being a favourite on my rough road cruising set up. The bar is set very high indeed. These wheels not only equalled the O’tangs they actually surpassed them. They are so plush over rough ground. Nimble, lively and excellent rebound from my pumps and carves. Very fast and smooth too. I think I’ve found my surfskate wheel of choice. These will be very hard to top. Excellent stuff and I look forward to more products in the future.

  5. Miguel Carlos Quimel

    First impression from a beginner… Grips like Ecothane, Rolls like 4-Presidents; the best of both worlds for surfskating

  6. Tony Bliss

    Quite possibly the perfect surfskate wheel. Perfectly thought out and effective in all aspects. Fast, smooth,plush and grippy. Roll speed feels like a bigger wheel. Stoked.

  7. Danny Pabon

    Finally!!! An actual Surfskate wheel!! Not a longboard wheel for surfskating. Not a skateboard cruiser wheel for surfskating. These are actual surfskating wheels. I replaced my Orangatang 4Pres for these. What do I look for in a wheel? Nimbleness, Grip, and Roll Speed. These 70mm felt like 65mm when it comes to playfulness and rebound. The grip is by far the best I’ve experienced. I am able to pump and lean as hard as I want with confidence. As far as durability? I waited 3 weeks to see which ones last longer. The surfskate wheels beat the Orangatang 4pres and the Seismic Defcon Hotspots. I rode these wheels every day, for the same amount of time on all the different types of surfaces I rode the Orangatangs and Seismics. Surfskate Wheels are still in brand new condition while the Orangatangs and Seismics already chunked. Great job guys!! I am very active on social media and you will never see any other wheels on my Surfskate other than these. Thank you!! Already placed my second order of 65mm 78a, and 70mm 78a before they go on backorder. If you are an experienced surfskater or a beginner, I highly recommend you try these if you want to really surfskate!! Current set-ups with Surfskate Love Wheels: Soulboardiy CX truck 70mm 78a Carver C7 65mm 78a

  8. James

    So impressed with these wheels. Have had them on board for almost a month and not going back to the old Otangs. QUICK. Nimble and grippy. If you need to slide they break free with control. I’ve tried the 81a and the 65mm versions and love them all. This formula is something pretty special. Looking forward to a smaller park wheel!

  9. Sophie

    I have tried five different wheel brands in the bowl and I love these wheels, they are by far my favourite and are smooth as silk in the bowl. They have a really decent grip so you feel super locked in riding ramps and walls. They also have a little bit of bounce in them, a bit of cushion. I will be riding these in the bowl from now on. Steve — you’re doing wonders for the surfskate industry. Hats off to you

  10. Brittany

    I saw Steve’s youtube vid so i tried the wheels he developed. I got the 78a 65mm wheels, and im so happy with them! Im a beginner surfskater so i like to have more control with pumping. (Im scared of sliding lol). The wheels gave me superior control. They dont skid on their own. I cover more distance with minimal effort. Theyre grippy so i can pump aggressively and theyre really fast compared to 77a love handles! Switching from orangatangs to these! Definitely a must have for people who love to cruise around, or practice pumping.

  11. Tucker

    These wheels are, speedy and grippy yet still easy to break loose into some absolutely gnarly berts and laybacks. They rule in the park and pool. I was afraid they would hang up on the coping. They do not. The slightly rounded inner edge of the wheel prevents this. The rebound coming out of deep carves is exhilarating. There’s no loss of momentum. These wheels have brought my closer to the Skate Gods. They’re the perfect tool to help me on my quest to find Animal Chin.

  12. Glenn

    The wheels fits any style of surfskating. Awesome job, Steve and Gavin! More power to the Surfskate love empire!

  13. Mike

    If you are someone who likes long distance rides or even short neighborhood cruises, these are the perfect surfskating wheels for you! The rebound these things create from each pump is insane! Even though they’re a lower durometer and have lots of great grip, these do work quite well for sliding. So far no coning or signs of chunking after 2 weeks of hard riding. Their high quality urethane definitely results in a higher performance feel while surfskating. Keep up the great work SurfskateLove!

  14. Notapol Srichomkwan

    I put these wheels on my Soulboardiy CarbonyX with Meraki S5. And Right away, I can feel the big difference between these Surfskatelove wheels and the wheels I had on before. These wheels are fast, durable, grippy but can slide easily as well and very fun! They are my favorites as of now. You definitely will not be disappointed for buying these. They are awesome. (@StevePalmer How about adding more colors choices for even more fun!)

  15. Toni

    These 65MM 78A surfskate love wheels allows me to squat down with ease and veer comfortably even on a speedy free ride downhill which I am mostly thrilled of. I opt for smaller wheels and pretty much assumed that being less on weight it will give me a swift reciprocation on quick and tight turns and man, these wheels do not disappoint! Incredibly grips just the way I like it on smooth surfaces as I hardly even notice cracks, dried leaves or stubborn pebbles on the way. Although rough pavement is not much of an exciting experience, I am amazed on how they consistently roll steadily and pretty fast compared to the other wheels I have. Overall, surfing on street is as doubled fun on a surfskate with matching surfskate love wheels! Kudos to the geniuses behind these smokin’ wheels!

  16. Brett Cason

    I got these to replace carver 69mm concave smoke roundhouse wheels. They are definitely better quality than the carver wheels. The core is very precise and the zealous bearings I put in fit better than any other core I’ve ever had. They slid in uniformly and perfectly in all 4 wheels with just the right tension. The cores are set perfectly in the wheels with zero wobble. The urethane is fabulous. It rides smooth and fast and makes for efficient pumping. Not to mention the color goes perfect with my Supersurfer CX! These are definitely what your looking for!

  17. Mark Flaherty

    Wasn’t sure what to expect but I have been totally blown away! – from the moment I stood on the board these felt faster. Speed for me is a big thing! they offer grip where you want it with great rebound, yet allow me to slide too. These are the first wheels I dont feel like im sacrificing any area of performance! Current set up is swelltech banzai

  18. Brett Cason

    Ok so these wheels are awesome! The cores are super precise and uniform. The bearings (zealous) slipped in with nice even pressure like a Swiss watch. There was zero wobble, and the wheels are beautiful. The Urethane feels fast and smooth, very efficient pumping! They actually roll and feel a lot better than the 69mm Carver Ecothanes they replaced! Outstanding job Steve!

  19. William Madray

    These are the best surf skating Wheels I have ever encountered it’s something about the offset core that makes it perfect not to mention the formula for the urethaneous spot on for high performance skate surf skating and surf surf skating

  20. Jos Westerhuis

    Replaced the stock Carver Roundhouse wheels as these became a bit wonky after several years of use. Instant satisfaction guaranteed. Fast, smooth and grippy. Highly recommended!

  21. David

    Super quality wheels and my new favorite to ride and pair up with my pukas and cruiser boards I can slide and carve smoothly. Would highly recommend! I like these wheels more than the ones my on yow set up or the roundhouse carver came with.

  22. Tucker

    These wheels have incredible rebound when coming out of a deep carve in any surface texture. I’ve shredded them in ditches, parks, streets and on my hardwood living room floor. These wheels never let me down. This brings such joy to my soul thus improving the quality of life for my family and I. I love this urethane formula.

  23. Antony

    Again , an excellent well researched wheel. The speed of a harder duro but with smoothness and grip of a softee. Easy to push into a slide or speed check when needed. I’ve been so impressed with the whole range of these surfskate specific wheels. My most used set ups are now wearing them permanently.

  24. Scott S.

    I have been riding the new wheels for a few weeks now. I’m very excited to say that the 78a 70mm Surfskate Love wheels are fantastic. They have incredible grip. I’ve had them on several different surfaces and they are great on smooth surfaces but put them on ruff surfaces and they really exceed any expectations. 5 stars is my vote. Thanks for making some great products.

  25. Michal

    I have to say I’m quite impressed with those wheels. They smooth and grippy and very fast. To my surprise despite shiny contact patch they release vey easily when I want them to do so hence sliding is not an issue. I was able to generate a lot of speed in a small bowl and maintain it easily. In a big bowl wheels allowed me to I climb to the highest point of the wall ever! I need more hours riding them, but I believe those wheels will only get better in time. From a first test I like them a lot.

  26. Nhan

    I put these wheels on my Soulboardiy deck. Absolutely love ’em!! They feel super grippy and ride super smoothly. I definitely recommend them!

  27. David

    Great wheels, fast and responsive but slide smooth on sick bert slides at the skate park, and hold up great on rough skate surfaces.

  28. Walt

    Really nice wheels, every bit as nice as the orangatang wheels I’ve been riding, but definitely feel better for surf skating. My board is super nimble now.

  29. Jos Westerhuis

    I purchased these to replace the stock Ecothane 65mm wheels on my Carver Swallow. Like a true Dutchman, I went with the larger diameter to get the discount (as I also ordered wheels for my Greenroom). Tested with my daughter. Our initial reaction was mixed. Wheels are very fast, but we both felt the larger diameter sacrificed some of the maneuverability. After messing a bit with the new bushings (looser/tighter) I can say that these wheels are awesome. Board feels twice as fast and still grips extremely well. Funny thing I noticed is that when dropped these wheels bounce way better than the Ecothanes in similar durometer. Recommended!

  30. Tony

    Tried a friends at the park today. Really nice wheels on her Slide/Soulboardiy combo. Immediately struck by how smooth they rode. Grippy but not in a sucky sort of way. Surprisingly fast considering it’s a fairly soft compound. We both felt really comfortable on them from the off and the smooth riding translated into our movements and confidence in the bowls and banks. Perfect size/width/CP.

  31. Thomas Chaney

    Being from Kauai, I’ve had an aggressively growing monkey on my back for surfskating since I first discovered it, a few months ago. The 70mm, 78A Surfskate Love wheels are the first set of quality wheels I’ve put on my custom setup that I’ve been building/riding. I had no idea they would make such a big difference! They have great rebound and just the right amount of grip. They feel completely secure to go as hard as I want without sliding out. And, when I do want to slide I still feel in control. They also roll right out of the slide, as if they wanna keep going. It’s pretty evident that the monkey on my back back is out of control now! Hi, I’m Tom and I’m a surfskate addict…

  32. Niels V.

    Not sure what to add to the above revieuws other then if you are in the market for some new wheel pull the trigger on these you wont regret it. Having followed Steve for a while and his passion for the sport, i can just state that you will feel this commimg back into these products. Once the bushings and cups will come out i wont hesitate to give these a shot also

  33. Olivier Olivier

    Great deal for high quality wheels, good for slides but sticky enough. Well balanced

  34. Idnotbe

    i replaced yow original wheels into surfskate love wheels. suddenly i can move more agile, while maintaining the grip. it seems like i changed my sedan into a sport car. also i have to mention that they are well designed with lots of considerations. for example, they are easier to put in bearings because the hole of the wheel has small slots to be more flexible when putting in a bearing. the only wish i have for these wheels is color. i hope i can see more colors to match it with the deck color.

  35. Joshua Stephens

    Just got my set of Surfskate Love Wheels in 65mm 81a and they’re fantastic. They are upgrades to the Roundhouse wheels that came on a Carver complete. While the RH’s got the job done they just don’t compare. The SSL’s are smoother, accelerate quicker, and will hopefully help me on my quest to re-learn the art of sliding. One note, compared to the Carver Roundhouse they have a little more offset. I don’t in any way view this a problematic, quite the opposite actually, but you should be aware in case you don’t want your wheels sticking out any further than they already do. I ordered these with G | Bomb bearings and they are also just awesome. In addition to running smoother and quieter than Bones Reds, they have built in spacers and rings! You cant go wrong with this set up in my opinion. Thanks to Steve and the Surfskate Love team for doing all you do for this community. The information you provide is invaluable and the products you offer are top notch!

  36. Ryan Johnson (verified owner)

    I’ve finished my Cinderella surfskate setup thanks to these wheels! I bought all three durometers and while they are all great in their own way my favorite is the 70mm 81a. It has everything: fast, nimble, slides well, pumps effortlessly and carves like butter. I do not want any other wheel (except for the 84a when skating transition of course)! I give them the highest recommendation.

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