G|Bomb Steel Built-In Wheel Bearings

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The fastest, smoothest, quietest, most durable bearings you’ve ever tried or your money back, guaranteed! G|Bomb G|Bearings have been used by elite skaters to establish world records. Meticulous attention is added to the details that take a bearing from good to G|Bomb good.

Eliminate your spacers and speed rings with built-in bearings!

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G|Bomb G|Bearings have been used by elite skaters to establish world records. They are engineered and constructed with all the reliability and durability of chrome steel. Meticulous attention is added to the details that take a bearing from good to G|Bomb good.

  • No spacers or speed rings required.
  • Nylon cages are tough and won’t dent or bend like a metal cages.
  • Super-secret, low volatility, ultra-stable, synthetic lubrication is leveraged from the aviation industry for its high performance.
  • Rubber shields are reinforced with a metal backing to insure a clean roll.
  • Inner and outer shields to keep the lubricant in and dirt out.
  • Our precision built-in spacers are designed and toleranced to fit properly.

MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE: If these aren't the best bearings you've ever tried, return them and I'll refund you promptly, no questions asked.

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12 reviews for G|Bomb Steel Built-In Wheel Bearings

  1. skate_oar_die (verified owner)

    I bought two sets of G|Bomb bearings and they are the bomb! They are quiet and fast. I’d been using Loaded Jehu V2s and Zealous bearings prior and these are definitely superior to either of those.

  2. Niels (verified owner)

    Purchased these with a set of wheels from the site. Running these now on both wheel sizes. Very smooth bearings no noise , and perfect fit. Im not a pro rider exchanging bearings that often in order to give an in depth revieuw on the diff between them. However there very mooth, fit is perfect and having less parts as spacers and rings is a no brainer for me. I tighten these untill no lateral play and they just keep spinning. Very little residue comming out and and attracting dust quick whipe after every ride amd they stay in perfect shape. Will remain my go to bearing. 5*

  3. Douglas Batchelor (verified owner)

    These bearings rise above the rest. In the short time that I’ve been using a surfskate, I’ve come across 4 different sets of bearings. Since getting the GBombs, I don’t think there’s any other bearings that come close. Yes, you can crank down on them tight on the axle nut without having to adjust so your wheels roll all proper-like. But also, these beauts are just so light and well designed. Take them apart (carefully) and see it for yourself. The Nylon cages and metal shields inside keep everything out. These bearings are a work of art, and if you had to have just one variety of bearing for your surfskate, make it GBomb, The rest might as well be tinkertoys.

  4. Kyle Bivens

    These bearings are amazing! I’ve been using bones reds for at least 20 years well now I have a new set I use and they are super smooth. A very great value for them too! Will be ordering more as my collection grows!

  5. Jeremy S. (verified owner)

    I wanted a little more than the stock wheels and bearings on my yow offered. I purchased and installed the G-bomb bearings in a new set of Surfskate love wheels. With these bearings, there’s no need for a spacer or washers, as that functionality is built in. Less parts means less to worry about.
    I’ve only ridden a few miles on the new setup, but the quietness in comparison to the stock bearings is immediately noticeable. They roll very smoothly and cover more distance per unit of effort than my stock setup. I haven’t tried the bearings in my stock wheels, but I do know that they would still be much quieter than before. For the price of the bearings, and what I’ve noticed so far in comparison with the older setup, I think the purchase won’t be regretted.

  6. Constantino Zarate

    These bearings are LEGIT! I purchased a set of these along with a set of Surfskate Love Wheels to replace the old tired bearings and wheels on my beloved 20 year old Sector 9 pintail. Love at first glide! This old board rides soooo much better than it ever did! So much so, that I’m purchasing another set of bearings and wheels to replace the fairly new stock set on my Yow! Just get ‘em, you will NOT be disappointed! Happy riding!

  7. Olivier

    Great quality bearings, I purchased them after the having seen their review. I wery pleased with it. No Spacers needed witch is a convenience

  8. Mike (verified owner)

    Best ever. Stock bearings simply can’t compare. Neither can some of the more expensive brands I’ve used. Absolutely love the smooth speed these give. Best bearings I have ever tried. Definitely made my surfskate days brighter. Was gonna say best bamg for the buck, but these are better than my more expensive bearings so these are simply ‘best ever’ bearings.

  9. Joshua Stephens

    To begin, if you’re wondering if G | Bomb’s are any good, well, they’re the bomb. If that’s all you need to know then your work here is done. If you’d like to know more then by all means, read on. I am 51 years old and until my 30’s was a pretty decent street skater. At that time I decided I was too old for the sport and stopped completely. About a year ago I revisited that decision and committed to learning longboarding. While stuck in a hotel room on a work trip I found this little site…Surfskate Love. Hours passed as I read Steve’s story, similar to mine, and watched his instructional vids about surfskating. I knew I had to give it a go and ordered a Carver Knox Quill with CX trucks that night. Steve’s passion and excellent communication drew me to that first purchase and I’m so glad it did. I’m hooked, and surf my skate most every day, usually in local parks and parking garages. So that’s part 1 one of this review. For Surfskate Love in general. What an awesome company with product and info to match. Thank you soooo much! This is truly a life changing sport. Moving on, my collection of skates has now grown but the old Quill still gets a good amount of use. I decided to upgrade it’s wheels and bearings with the intent of regaining some long lost sliding skills. I’ll post a separate review for the wheels but suffice to say they exceed my expectations, and look pretty sick on the board too boot! And finally, the G | Bomb’s. As already mentioned, they’re just great. Others have compared these to Bones Red’s, which have been my go-to’s. I just don’t think they’re comparable quality wise. The G’s are smoother, quieter, and to mind mind, a little faster. What more could you want? Oh! Built in spacers and rings of course! These are my first set of bearings with these features built in and I WILL NOT be going back to the old way. So there it is. Surfskate Love rocks. SSL Wheels rock. G|Bomb bearing also without question rock! I will hopefully acquire a Soulboardiy deck one day and if so will no doubt build it with all SSL product. Many thanks to Steve for all his efforts spreading the word about surfskating. If you’re on the fence, give it a go, and trust these guys offer legit goods.

  10. Michele M. (verified owner)

    Curious to try out the G|Bomb bearings, I bought a set and quickly found that as others have said here, they definitely are the bomb! They are totally next level compared to the Waterborne bearings and Bones Reds I’ve been riding. The G|Bombs roll noticeably faster, smoother, and require less pushing. Total game-changer. They are exactly what I needed to achieve longer, more drawn out carves without losing critical speed. The G’s are super solid for both cruising and charging the concrete waves! Gonna need more sets for the rest of my surfskate collection!

  11. Ken K

    Got my bearings and two sets of wheels from Steve and they look sweet. Haven’t tried them out yet since I’m a newbie and am still breaking in my Carver complete. This review is more on Steve Palmer. What a stand-up guy. He always replies back to your emails the same day. He genuinely seems to care about his customers and the surfskate community. I had a little bit of a hiccup in my order that delayed it shipping out, not Steve’s fault but a delay in a vendor, and he threw in a little something extra into my order for my inconvenience without even being asked. It’s this level of customer service that will keep me coming back to support this site and my local mom and pop shops. Gotta love the surfskate community 🙂

  12. Rob S (verified owner)

    Currently I been using Bones Big Balls Reds bearings on SurfSkates and Skate Park Boards which cost $25 plus 5$ for spacers. These GBomes are built-in bearings at $27. So they are cheaper that my current setup if buy enough at surfskate love for free shipping. I am now a huge fan of the built-jn bearings. So easy to assemble and it there less things to keep track of. I rode bearings in usually concrete and asphalt path. I compared brand new Big Balls Bearings to Brand new GBomb Bearings. I actually could tell the difference between the bearings. I definitely going be buy these bearings for future Surfskates and Skatepark Boards.

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