What’s the Best Budget Surfskate that Still Works Great?

by | Dec 20, 2021 | Reviews

Finding the best budget surfskate for you is challenging in a market flooded with options.

The best surfskates can cost you anywhere from $270 to $429 US. But are there any good budget surfskates that work well without costing you so much?

Since October 2020, I’ve tested more than 85 complete surfskate models from around the world. This includes 43 different surfskate trucks.

After testing them all, I’ve found a lot of cheap surfskates that I think are a waste of money.

However, I’ve also found the best budget surfskate that I think works very well and is definitely worth the money.

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Best Budget Surfskate #1: Carver Triton Series

Price: $170 US

Carver Triton budget surfskate models are almost identical to regular Carver models.

The only difference is the decks. The decks on Carver Triton models are built in Asia and use slightly lower-quality material.

But on a Triton model you’re still getting the Carver CX surfskate truck used in all the standard Carver models. After testing 43 different surfskate trucks, the Carver CX is my favorite, and I believe to be the most universal and versatile.

With the cheaper decks, Triton models only cost $170, compared to other Carver CX models at $270. For me, this makes Carver Tritons a steal of a deal, and the best budget surfskate option by far.

Even though Carver Triton decks aren’t as good as other Carver decks, I think they work just fine for any surfskate application, from surf training to surfskate bowl riding. This means you can progress as a surfskater on a Triton without needing to upgrade it as you get better.

Watch Shane Lai’s Carver Triton review on YouTube here.

Best Budget Surfskate #2: Slide Surfskates

Price: $199.99 US

Founded in Spain, Slide Surfskates are popular in Europe. Their U.S. distributor is Hot Buttered Surf. Slide is considered to be one of the best budget surfskate companies.

The Slide V3 surfskate truck is low to the ground and uses a tight spring and constrained turning angle of the front truck torsion system. This makes it very stable and easy to pump for beginners. However, Slide budget surfskates are designed for all levels of skaters.

Slide surfskates come in 8 different models and range from 30″ to 35″ in length.

Save Your Money on the Best Budget Surfskate & Get Surfskating!

 So there you have it, my recommendation for the best budget surfskate. Time to grab your budget surfskate and start surfskating!

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